Unity 3D Glowing Object Tutorial

NSDG | Dec 4, 2019 | 0 Comments

In this tutorial I will be showing how to achieve a glowing effect using Unity's Post Processing package.

So let's begin!


First we need to download the Post Processing package.

  • In Unity go to Window -> Package Manager

  • In Package Manager select "All packages"

  • Wait for all packages to load, then select "Post Processing" from the list

  • Click "Install" at the top right corner (If it's not installed yet). Wait for package to install.
  • Select Main Camera and add a "Post Process Layer" component
  • Change the Layer value to "PostProcessing"
  • Change Main Camera layer to "PostProcessing"

  • Add another component called "Post Process Volume"
  • Check the "Is Global" checkbox

  • Right click on Assets folder -> Create -> Post-processing Profile, call it "BloomProfile"

  • Select "BloomProfile" and in Inspector View click Add effect... -> Unity -> Bloom
  • In Bloom effect check the Intensity, Diffusion and Fast Mode check boxes and set the values from the screenshot below:

  • Assign "BloomProfile" to Profile variable in "Post Process Volume"

  • Drag & Drop the object which you want to apply glowing effect to (In my case it'll be a model of lightsaber)

  • Select the material that you want to glow and make sure it's Shader is set to "Standard"
  • Enable the "Emission" checkbox

  • Click on the "HDR" color and increase the "Intensity" value

The object should now glow: