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Top Unity Assets

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Launched in November 2010, Unity's Asset Store has become a go-to place for getting a vast array of assets, from Scripting, all the way to 3D, Textures, and Audio. It has helped kickstart many successful games, that otherwise would take much longer to develop, or would never get released.

Even though Asset Store features thousands of ready-to-use assets, some developers took it a step further and created utility systems, which have become almost an inseparable part of the developer's workflow, and you'll find out why.

Our motto is "You do not have to do everything yourself", because the game that the players can play, is always better than the one that they cannot, therefore, nothing wrong with integrating some ready-to-use assets into your game, to speed up the development process.

Below are some of the top picks and why they're popular among Unity developers.


Imagine having 3D modeling software directly in Unity Editor? Well, the wait is over!

UModeler is a tool for quickly and easily creating 3D models within Unity. With UModeler, you can create, edit, and texture 3D models directly in the Unity Editor, without needing to use external modeling software. UModeler is popular with game developers because it allows them to rapidly prototype and iterate on game environments and assets.

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Amplify Shader Editor

The look and feel of your game are directly controlled by Shaders, therefore having a tool that lets you configure that easily can elevate your game to a new level. Combine that with a user-friendly node editor and you have a winner on your hands!

Amplify Shader Editor is a node-based shader editor that allows developers to create custom shaders in Unity without needing to write code. With Amplify Shader Editor, developers can create shaders that simulate complex lighting effects, materials, and post-processing effects. Amplify Shader Editor is popular with Unity developers because it provides a powerful and flexible tool for creating custom shaders, without needing to be an expert in shader programming.

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Programming is not an easy task, but with this tool, anyone can get on a programming task, using a user-friendly, node-based editor.

PlayMaker is a visual scripting tool that allows developers to create game logic and behavior using a node-based interface. With PlayMaker, developers can create complex game mechanics and behaviors without needing to write code. PlayMaker is popular with Unity developers because it provides an accessible way to create game logic and behavior, without needing to be an expert in programming.

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Easy Save - The Complete Save & Load Asset

Saving in games might look simple but it involves keeping track of every single movable object and component in the game, to ensure that the players resume exactly where they left off. With Easy Save, this task becomes much simpler.

Easy Save is an asset for adding save and load functionality to Unity games. With Easy Save, developers can easily save and load game data, including player progress, preferences, and settings. Easy Save is popular with Unity developers because it provides a simple and efficient way to add save and load functionality to games, without needing to write complex save and load systems from scratch.

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Ultimate Character Controller

Character controller is probably one of the most important elements of any game, therefore special attention needs to be made when deciding on a player controller and how it behaves and interacts with the game environment. This character controller is catered toward third-person action/shooter games.

The Ultimate Character Controller is an asset for creating third-person character controllers in Unity. With the Ultimate Character Controller, developers can create characters with complex movement and animation systems, including support for things like climbing, swimming, and parkour. The Ultimate Character Controller is popular with Unity developers because it provides a comprehensive toolset for creating high-quality character controllers, without needing to write complex code from scratch.

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What are your go-to assets when developing in Unity? Let us know in the comments below.

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