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Why You Should Host Your Own Website

0 Comments - Jun 17, 2021

There are numerous ways to create a website, some of them are free and some are paid.

Probably the easiest way to launch a website is by using website builders, which are services that let you compose a website layout without needing to code.

However, website builders are only good for creating static pages and commonly offer a limited set of features.

The other way to launch a website is by getting your own web server and hosting it there, instead of relying on the website builders.

Why You Should Host Your Own Website

When you host a website on your own web server, you are in control of the site files, also there is no limitation on what level of customization can be done, allowing you to implement all sorts of functionality.

Hosting Services Overview

Hosting services are numerous on the market, catered towards different experience groups, with a wide range of prices.

The most common types of hosting services are shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud, we have a post that explains each of them, which you can check here.

Generally, we recommend going with VPS hosting, since it offers a great balance between processing power, storage, and price, however, if money is tight but you still want to launch a website, we recommend going with shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

Liquid Web

Liquid web offers VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting, we recommend going with the VPS option. On their website, there is an option to live chat with a support team, in case you have any technical questions or questions about price.

Shared Hosting


Bluehost shared hosting is a great option for beginners and new websites, for just under $5 / month you can get your server up and running. The hosting also includes one-click WordPress installation, in case you do not want to deal with the programming part. Feel free to contact their support team if you have any questions.


There are many advantages of hosting your own site, from having full control over site files, to be able to make advanced customizations, and much more.

Shared hosting has gotten really cheap in recent years, which makes it a great option for entry-level users.

VPS hosting on the other hand is a great balance between storage, processing power, and price, and is a great choice for serious website owners, making it suitable for community sites, forums, content sites, and basically any site that is expected to have a lot of visitors.

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